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McCusker Family

  • Service Description

    Bronwyn Burns is a licensed massage therapist who is particulary attuned to the needs of Martial Artists, as she has been a serious student of Tang Soo Do Karate for 7 years.

    She can provide massage therapy techniques designed for someone who just wants a relaxing, soothing massage, as well the Martial Artist whose muscles are sore from a vigorous workout.

    Bronwyn received excellent training in Massage Therapy at The Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy in Newington, CT.

    She has been practicing massage therapy for 2 1/2 years and is also on the Healing Arts Staff at West Hartford Yoga. She has been told many times by her clients that she has an intuitive ability to locate and alleviate some deep and long standing muscular issues.

  • Massages Styles

    Swedish Massage
    Deep Tissue Massage
    Sports Massage
    Hot Stone Massage
    Hot Towel Massage (with or without Biofreeze)
    Reiki and Energy Work

  • Days And Time

    Days: Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-12am Sat by appointment
    Tues Wed Thursday Evenings by appointment.